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Build Tomorrow’s Solutions, Today.

Welcome to the Blockchain Embassy.

We’re a shared business facility that does things a little different. Based in a repurposed industrial warehouse in Brisbane’s city fringe, the Embassy is a low-cost, collaborative environment designed to feel like a real-life ‘skunkworks’. We’re building a digital hub for entrepreneurs, SMEs, investors, traders and anyone else working in emergent technology fields.

Distributed ledger or ‘blockchain’ technology has the potential to change much about how we do business as a society. Instead of just talking about it, we’re focused particularly on creating the environment where businesses and individuals can come together to imagine, incubate and test their solutions in a real-world sandbox.

We also hold meetups, workshops and training on all aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency – from enterprise masterclasses through to trading bootcamps.

Launching April 2019. 

On Chain, All the Time

We use blockchain and cryptocurrency wherever we can. That means co-working memberships can be paid with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Our community portal is also a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) and we give our members full license to beta-test their dApps in-house.

We’re walking the walk by enabling a thriving ‘on-chain’ community which uses distributed ledger technology every day.



Many working spaces charge far too much for desk space, especially when most members are bootstrapping. Our hot desks and dedicated desks are reasonably priced, just enough to  cover our costs and allow us to fund improvements to the Embassy.


The Blockchain Embassy offers a central point for everyone involved in the emergent technology market. With the large network of companies, investors and community figures we’re planning to cultivate, it’s the perfect home base for your business.


Located near the Coorparoo train station on Brisbane’s city fringe, the Embassy has ample parking, plenty of room and is only 10 minutes drive from Brisbane City if you need to duck in for a meeting.

Member Spotlight

HelioGrid are a renewable energy start-up seeking to unlock the distributed energy market. They’re currently installing a 15 kW powerplant on the roof of the Embassy, with the goal of developing and testing their smart-asset MVP on-site.

You can find out more about HelioGrid here.


Blocksense is an organisation which provides educational and consulting services to business and enterprise. They often run workshops and training focused on teaching professionals the basics of blockchain and smart contract technology.

You can find out more about BlockSense here.

Not only do we accept cryptocurrency as payment, we use cryptocurrency wherever we can on-site – from memberships to coffee.

Your membership grants you a seat at the Embassy DAO – a blockchain-native organisation for voting and governance. Powered by Aragon – an Ethereum dApp.

Work with in-house companies like HelioGrid to improve open source platforms like the Energy Web – an industry Ethereum network focused on power.

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Address: 39 Clarence Street
                Coorparoo QLD